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Don Roberts

Entrepreneur — CEO, DonRobertsDigital

Digital marketer, speaker, online marketing educator, and marketing consultant.

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For more information, visit https://donroberts.com/


Digital Marketing Agency

Don Roberts is the Founder & CEO of DonRoberts.com Small Business Marketing. 

Don and his team provide advanced online marketing  consulting services to help local business owners:

  • Make Their Businesses More Findable Online.

  • Get More Customers to Their Businesses.

  • Generate Increased Revenue..

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  • All-in-one Internet Marketing Platform

  • Funnels, Sales, Email Marketing and more...

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  • Don Roberts is not associated with GrooveDigital, Mike Filsaime, or the GrooveDigital. But, I know a great product when I see one. Currently, you can get GrooveSuite. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan for "unlimited" functionality after clicking the link above, I may receive a commission - which in no way increases the cost to you.

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    The California Thrive Initiative website is coming soon...

    California Thrive Initiative

    Helping Local Merchants Thrive

    Don is the Founder & Publisher of the California Thrive Initiative.

    The idea for the California Thrive Initiative came about as a result of the hardships faced by local businesses having to close or severely their limit operations during the COVID-19 business shut-down decrees.

    The California Thrive Initiative offers local businesses in California:

  • Free Visibility to Local Consumers.

  • The Ability to Highlight Updated Hours of Operation, COVID-19 Related Messaging, Contact Info, & be able to Choose Optional Advertising.

  • More Customers and Sales.

  • DonRobertsOrg.com

    Build Income-Producing Websites with WordPress

    Don is the Founder & Published of DonRobertsOrg.com (DRO). The DRO website teaches people how to easily build WordPress websites to sell your own products - or to make affiliate commissions from helping sell other peoples products & services.

    Skip the frustration of trial & error, and speed-up the process of using the proven tools & techniques to begin earning affiliate income.

  • Proven Techniques.

  • Proven Resources to Use.

  • Proven Affiliate Programs.

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    For more information, visit http://donrobertsorg.com/

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    Find out more at http://optins.net


    Learn Email Marketing

    Don is the Founder and Publisher of Optins.net. The Optins site teaches people how to do email marketing for the purpose of keeping their audience mind-share, keeping the audience updated on company activities & events, and increasing sales & affiliate commissions. 

  • Proven Techniques.

  • Proven Resources.

  • Proven Results.

  • RemodelAssist.com

    Home Remodeling Tips

    Don is the Founder and Publisher of RemodelAssist.com (RA). The RA website  provides advice, tips, and resources to homeowners who are embarking upon a home remodeling project.

    The backstory is that Don thought he was fully prepared for his own home remodeling project. Turns out he wasn't and ended-up having to learn things the hard way - including being sued when a worker injured himself.

    RA helps homeowners properly prepare for a project, provides tips on how to choose a great general contractor, and advice on what to do every step of the way to keep the project moving and to keep costs down.

  • Tips & Advice for a Successful Project.

  • Proven Helpful Resources.

  • How to Protect Yourself.

  • image of remodelassist.com home page shown on a laptop

    Find out more at https://remodelassist.com

    About Don

    Don Roberts is nationally recognized digital marketing expert in the small business marketing community.

    He is well known for creating profitable Internet marketing promotions that significantly increase brand awareness and sales for local business owners by making their businesses more findable online.​

    Based in San Jose California, Don is a Certified Local Marketing Consultant, a Certified Professional Internet Marketer, a Certified Email Marketing Specialist, a Certified Sales Partner, a Facebook marketing ​& Google Ads marketing strategist, and a Messenger & Chatbot specialist.

    ​Don regularly masterminds with several of the most talented Internet marketing ​experts in the world.

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